For the vast bulk of its existence, the 153rd Cavalry Regiment was designated as an Infantry unit, with its parent unit being organized between 1884 and 1892 in the Florida State Troops as the 1st through 5th Battalions of Infantry (each with unique Headquarters). Later these were consolidated into the 1st and 2nd Regiments of Infantry (again in the Florida State Troops) and later into the 124th Infantry in October 1917 when they were assigned to the 31st Division. Though deployed to Europe, its World War I campaign streamer has no campaign inscription.

It was again assigned to the 31st (now 31st Infantry) Division during World War II and earned credit for participation in the New Guinea and Southern Philippines campaigns, the former with Arrowhead.

In 1955, the 124th Infantry was broken up, with its HQ and 1st Battalion redesignated as the 124th Armored Infantry Battalion and the 3rd Battalion as the 154th Armored Infantry Battalion; both these new Battalions were assigned to the 48th Armored Division. These were consolidated under the Combat Arms Regimental System in 1959 to form the 124th Infantry, which would undergo several reorganizations and redesignations before being redesignated as the 124th Infantry Regiment in 2005. In 2007, the 124th’s 3rd Battalion was converted, reorganized, and redesignated as the 153rd Cavalry Regiment in the Florida Army National Guard comprising a single squad that was an element of the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

As of 2018, the 153rd Cavalry Regiment, nicknamed “Darkhorse,” still consists of a single squad. The unit motto, “SCOUTS OUT,” is a reflection of the squadron’s past service as a Motorized Reconnaissance unit.

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