The 12th Psychological Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia, or unit crest, uses a combination of nested discs and juxtaposed arrows to represent the Battalion’s mission and objectives, which are summed up in the unit motto of “MUTATIO ANIMI,” Latin for “Attitude Change.”

At its center is a white disc with four barbed arms with arrowheads that symbolizes the organization and the various facets of psychological warfare it employs. A lamp of knowledge over the disc is an emblem of the use of information to change the perception, attitude, and behavior of friendly and enemy forces. The gray disc with inward-pointing black arrows, on the other hand, denote the ability to protect the organization from covert psyop warfare waged against the organization. White, gray, and black are the primary colors used in the insignia and represent the three types of propaganda used in Psychological Operations: Truths, half-truths, and untruths, respectively.

The 12th Psychological Operations Battalion was originally created in the Army Reserve as the 353rd Psychological Operations Battalion in November 1965 and activated at The Presidio on 1 December 1965. It was reorganized and redesignated as a Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) in 1990 and the relocated to Moffett Field in 1994. It was given its current designation as HHC, 12th Psychological Operations Battalion in 1996,

White, gray and black are the colors used by Psychological Operations units to denote the three forms of propaganda; Truth, half-truth and untruth. The lamp of knowledge represents the use of information to influence the attitude and behavior of both friendly and enemy forces. The white disc symbolizes the organization, and the barbed cross, the arms simulating arrows, refers to all facets of psychological warfare. The gray disc and black arrows symbolize protection from covert psychological warfare against the organization. The barbs, placed at the cardinal points of a compass, allude to the scope of the battalion.

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