The Senior Airman metal rank insignia is worn in pairs on the epaulets of the Bull Pullover sweater, the Blue Cardigan sweater, and the White Cardigan sweater (White Cardigans are authorized only for females wearing Maternity Jumpers and Long- or Short-Sleeved Maternity Blouses). It is positioned 5/8 of an inch from the shoulder/sleeve seam with the bottom of the insignia facing the seam and the edges of the chevrons parallel to the edges of the epaulet.

Additionally, Senior Airmen (E-4) wear metal rank insignia on the collars of the Topcoat and All-Weather Coat, one inch from the bottom of the collar and parallel to the collar’s edges. (Regulations permit both male and female Senior Airmen to wear chevrons on the sleeves of the coats.) It’s also authorized for wear a half-inch above the name tag worn on the shirt of the Medical Scrubs uniform.

At the time the Air Force was established, the designation for the E-4 enlisted grade was Sergeant or Technician Fourth Grade (denoted by a “T” under the insignia’s three stripes or chevrons). When it was renamed Airman First Class in 1952 as part of a three-tier system of Airmen grades above Basic (First, Second, Third), planning began to change the orientation of all Airman stripes or chevrons to horizontal rather than angled, with a goal of making the rank insignia of the Staff, Technical, and Master Sergeant ranks more prominent.

This design change was approved in late 1952, but the decision was made to not begin the procurement process for the new chevron styles until supplies of the old design were used up. When this finally happened in 1956, the decision to alter the designs was for some reason resubmitted to Air Force Chief of Staff Nathan Twining. His terse response—“No change to be made in insignia”—brought the chevron re-design issue to a close.

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