Enlisted Honor Guard members wear a chrome belt buckle featuring what is officially referred to as the “wing and star” design in Air Force uniform regulations, but which is commonly called the “Hap Arnold device” or “Hap Arnold wings.” The star with a disc superimposed over its center was used as the symbol of the U.S. Army Air Corps, with the disc eventually removed when the symbol was used on planes because it could potentially be mistaken for disc at the center of the Japanese “rising sun” symbol. The winged portion is said to have to have been inspired by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s famed “V for Victory” hand sign.

Examples of Honor Guard positions that wear the ceremonial belt and the “Hap Arnold” buckle include Flower or Wreath Bearers, Escorts, Color Teams, Door Openers, and so forth. The primary factor is that the ceremonial belt is not to be worn by members who will be engaged in a great deal of movement (marching in parade formation, for instance), who instead wear the black belt.

The ceremonial belt is worn between the second and third button (counting from the top) of the ceremonial blouse; it’s also worn between the second and third buttons on the all-weather coat, above the pockets. If the overcoat is prescribed, the belt is placed above the pockets between the first and second buttons. In all cases, the belt is secured tightly to prevent any sag, and it should remain parallel to the ground at all times.

Honor Guard Officers also wear a chromed belt buckle, but theirs features the coat of arms of the United States in lieu of the Har Arnold device.

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