In addition to insignia of rank, Honor Guard Officers are distinguished from their Enlisted comrades-in-arms by this chrome belt buckle. Designed for wear with the ceremonial or black belt, it features a highly detailed rendering of our nation’s coat of arms found on the Great Seal of the United States.

Though most definitely considered a privilege, assignment to an Honor Guard or other ceremonial unit such as a Drill Team is temporary and there is classified with a Special Duty Identifier (SDI), 85G0 for Officers and 85000 for Enlisted Airmen. Officers selected for SDI 85G0 are responsible for all aspects of the management and oversight of the Honor Guard during their tour, including recruiting new Honor Guard members in addition to training and commanding current Guard members.

Honor Guard Officers are charged with meeting the A-to-Z needs of their unit. For instance, it isn’t enough that Officers determine the amount of funds necessary to support all necessary unit activities; they then must turn around and prepare convincing budget justification in order to secure the funding. Knowing every aspect of each ceremonial routine is imperative not only to ensure the Guard’s performance meets the highest standards, but also so they can coordinate confidently with other offices in planning joint performances.

And, of course, there is the job requirement of actually performing in Honor Guard ceremonies. Officers wear a plethora of hats—commander-of-troops, USAF member of Joint Service Honor Guard Staffs, officer-in-charge of USAF-specific ceremonies and funerals, commander at USAF military functions and formations associated with the Honor Guard, to name a few—and they must do so under a high level of scrutiny. Keep all that in mind the next you see an Air Force Honor Guard detail execute ceremonial functions flawlessly, and you won’t need anyone prodding you to applaud when the affair draws to a close.

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