The United States Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC) is the result of a 1993 merger between the Air Force Training Command and the Air University. One of the Air Force’s ten Major Commands, AETC comprises nearly 50,000 Air Force personnel (active duty and Air Force Reserve) as well as some 14,000 civilian. AETC’s mission encompasses recruiting, training, and education of officers and enlisted Airmen, with the Air University serving as its center for Professional Military Education for both enlisted Airmen and officers.

Approved by the Air Force Permanent Uniform Board following the creation of AETC, the Instructor badge is authorized for wear by AETC personnel who have been assigned as instructors in a formal training or educational environment. To become an instructor, Airmen must successfully complete an Instructor Training Course (ITC) that has been developed for an assigned position. ITC requirements for the Second Air Force (2 AF) or Air University are founded in the Air Education and Training Command Instruction 36-2202.

In addition to the ITC, Instructors must also serve an internship as a teacher, and some wings or groups mandate the completion of additional instructor training requirements. Note that the AETC Instructor badge may be worn as the Instructor is fulfilling the internship requirement, as well as by Instructors who’ve been reassigned to another teaching/education position within the same training wing or organization or who’ve returned to a wing/organization for a new assignment as an Instructor. In all cases, however, the badge may be worn only while performing assigned duties.

Earning an AETC Instructor badge is a significant achievement, and the Air Force recommends that badge presentations should take place on occasion that offer the new Instructor the maximum amount of recognition possible, such as an ITC graduation ceremony or a commander’s call.

The AETC Instructor badge is awarded at a basic and Master level.
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