The 49th Military Police Brigade unit patch (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia), was first worn by the 49th Infantry Brigade, an antecedent iteration of the MP unit (which was not formed until 1976). The imagery reflects the unit’s location in California, with the wavy line representing in the middle representing the river near Sutter’s Mill where gold was discovered in 1848 (the unit’s numerical “49” was inspired by the 49’ers of California history) and the golden diamond below it the gold that lured thousands. A red symbol in the upper half is emblematic of the nickname “Sunshine State.”

As a unit in the California Army National Guard, the 49th Military Police Brigade is typically under state control and is frequently deployed to assist in relief efforts for natural disasters. In the past five years, it has been called upon to fighting massive wildfires in the state, including a call-up in 2017 that required the entire command to be activated; at the peak of the fires, there were more than 1500 troops from the 49th serving not only in police-type roles but also as drivers, mechanics, food-services personnel, and other support roles.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia are available in two basic styles. The colored version was designed for wear with the Army Class “A” Green uniform that was discontinued in 2015 and replaced with the Army Service Uniform. We continue to carry the color version in response to demand from veterans, collectors, media companies producing documentaries or re-enactments, and other organizations. The ACU patch is for wear on the Army Combat Uniform and comes in the Operational Camouflage Pattern and Universal Camouflage Pattern; ACUs made with the Universal pattern have a wear-out date of 1 October 2019.

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