Following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the 34th Infantry Division, guided by Gen. Russell P. Hartle, was the first U.S. Army division deployed. After arriving in Northern Ireland, Hartle helped organize and train a commando unit for “hit and run” tactics. The 1st Ranger Battalion was formed, with nearly 75 percent of the soldiers coming from units of the 34th Division.

Elite members of the original Rangers participated in the Dieppe Raid during August 1942. It was the first combat action in Europe for U.S. troops.

The tradition of “ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK” that was forged during World War II continued into the new millennium. Since October 2001, the 34th Infantry Division has sent more than 11,000 soldiers abroad to hot spots such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Egypt, Honduras, Iraq and Kosovo.

Elements of the 34th Infantry Division served one of the longest continuous tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom, ending July 2007. The combat operation last 22 months and 16 were in Iraq.

The Unit Patch features a black olla (or Mexican water container) and is suggestive of the its initial World War I training at Camp Cody (New Mexico), while the dry skull represents the desert conditions. Originally drawn by unit soldier Marvin Cone during a contest held during training camp, it was officially approved on 28 June 1922 and was redesignated for the 34th Infantry Division on 10 February 1991.

Learn more about the  34th Infantry Division on its CSIB and Unit Crest pages.


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