Soldiers authorized to wear the green, maroon, or tan berets issued to personnel in Special Forces, Airborne, or Ranger units (or designated units/personnel associated with them) also wear an organizational flash on those berets in place of the standard blue Army flash worn on the black beret. Flashes are positioned on the beret so they are directly above the left eye when the beret is properly worn. Enlisted Soldiers center their Distinctive Unit Insignia, sometimes called a “unit crest,” on the flash; Officers center non-subdued insignia of grade on the flash.

Background trimming for Parachutist and Air Assault badges, or “ovals,” are worn on the Army Service/Dress uniform jacket, the Service uniform shirt, and the Maternity Tunic. When badges are attached to ovals, the two are considered one device, with any measurements being made from the edge of the trimming. Should a lapel of the Arm Service/Dress uniform coast obscure the badge and oval, the wearer has the option to align the pair with the left edge of the rack of medals or ribbons.

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There is very little information easily available regarding 3rd Special Operations Support Command. The unit is mentioned in a Department of the Army Historical Historical Summary for fiscal years 1990 and 1991, when it was part of U.S. Army South, the Army element of U.S. Southern Command. Officially designated the 3rd Theater Army Special Operations Support Command (Airborne), it was one of five commands assigned to the different warfighting Unified Combatant Commands and tasked with planning and coordinating logistics and other support for Army Special Operations Forces allocated to each UCC. All five were reorganized into Special Operations Support Command (Airborne) in 1995. Today, the descendant of these Commands is the 528th Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations) (Airborne).

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