We offer two types of Shoulder Sleeve Insignias, ACU and Colored. The ACU option is for wear with the Army Combat Uniform and other camouflaged utility uniforms, and comes in patterns designed for the Universal Camouflage Pattern (the original patter used for the ACU) and the Operational Camouflage Pattern (introduced in 2015 to replace the UCP completely by 2019). Colored unit patches are worn with the Army Class “A” Green uniform, which was discontinued in 2015. However, high demand for the beloved “Army Greens” has led us to continue manufacturing and selling the uniform in versions for  manufacture and sell this iconic uniform in versions for Enlisted, Company- and Flag-Grade Officers, and General Officers.
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For its service in Iraq from 2005 to 2006, the 172nd Infantry Brigade was awarded the Valorous Unit Award (VUA), one of the highest honors that can be issued to units in the United States Army. While the Army has awarded over 300 VUAs since the start of the Global War on Terrorism, very few Brigades are tapped for the award, with the vast bulk of them going to Battalions and Companies.

The 172nd Infantry Brigade was originally slated for a year-long deployment beginning in August 2005, but when the end date of 27 July 2006 grew near, the Army made a surprising announcement: growing violence in Baghdad required the immediate presence of veteran troops, and the 172nd was ordered to extend their deployment until November. While the troops were ready to carry out the mission, the timing was horrible from a PR perspective because some of the Brigade’s soldiers had already landed back at their home base of Fort Wainwright, Alaska when they learned they were returning to action. During the 16-month deployment, the Brigade suffered 26 Soldiers killed in action, with another 350 being wounded.

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