Shoulder Sleeve Insignias (SSIs), commonly referred to as unit patches, are available as Full-Color insignia (for wear on the now-discontinued Army Class “A” Green Service uniform) or as subdued patches manufactured in either the Universal or Operational Camouflage Patterns, abbreviated UCP and OCP respectively. The UCP began to be phased out in 2015, but many Army Combat Uniforms and other utility uniforms are permitted to be worn through the end of September 2019. ACUs and other utility uniforms issued after July 2015 were/are manufactured using the OCP design. If purchasing the subdued (ACU) insignia, double-check to make sure the pattern you choose matches the pattern of the uniform on which this patch will be worn.

To learn about the symbolism of the 11th Military Police Brigade Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, visit our page devoted to the Brigade’s Combat Service ID Badge  (it employs the same insignia). The unit motto, “Command Plan Control,” can be found at the 11th MP Brigade Distinctive Unit Insignia page.
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Stationed in Los Alamitos, California, the 11th Military Police Brigade is an Army Reserve unit subordinate unit to the 200th Military Police Command, which is headquartered at Fort Meade Maryland. The 200th MP Command controls three other MP Brigades in addition to the 11th: 290th in Nashville, the 300th in Inkster, Michigan; and the 333rd in Farmingdale. Also reporting to the 200th MP Command are two Criminal Investigation Division Battalions: the 159th (Terre Haute, Indiana) and the 733rd (Forrest Park, Georgia).

The number of Battalions reporting to the 11th Military Police Brigade varies, as do the number of detachments of companies not assigned to Battalions.

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