The unit patch of the 116th Cavalry Brigade is identical to its Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB), however the unit patch also has the option of coming in monochrome, along with color. The patch was initially approved in 1967, when the unit was designated as the 116th Armored Cavalry Regiment. When the unit took on its current designation of the 116th Cavalry Brigade, the patch was redesignated with the symbolism revised.

The snake featured in the Brigade's unit patch, unit crest (Distinctive Unit Insignia), and CSIB has many meanings for the Brigade. Taken alone, it is a symbol of the unit’s readiness and military capabilities. It also references the unit’s motto, “Move Strike Destroy”— an appropriate slogan considering the unit’s swiftness and power.  When taken together with the blue wavy band, it references the Snake River, the site of the original conception of the unit in Snake River Valley. Both the band and snake have been taken from the unit’s former coat of arms while it was known as the 116th Armored Cavalry Division. The sun in the background alludes to Idaho, which is known for the beauty of its sunrises and sunsets. The name, “Idaho”, comes from the Native American language of Shoshoni, and means, “the sun comes down the mountain" or "it is morning." The color yellow that dominates the patch represents Cavalry units. However, the combination of red in the background and yellow serves as a reference to the Artillery units that the Brigade once served its country as an Artillery unit. As an Artillery unit it fought in the second World war, participating in five campaigns and earning the Order of the Day of the Belgian Army for its actions near the Meuse River.

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