Male ASU Coat Left Breast Pocket

Male ASU Coast Left Breast Pocket
Three types of badges and/or devices may be worn on the left breast pocket of the male ASU coat for Officers and Enlisted Soldiers: Special Skill and/or Marksmanship badges, Special Skill/Marksmanship tab metal replicas (Ranger, Sapper, Special Forces, and President's Hundred), and Identification Badges. Learn more.

Male ASU Coast Left Breast Pocket
Special Skill and/or Marksmanship Badges: Up to three of these badges may be worn on the left breast pocket when wearing ribbons (none are worn on the pocket when full-sized medals are worn). Special Skill badges are positioned to the wearer’s right when both types are worn, and both types of badges are arranged from the wearer's right to left in order of precedence. Driver, Mechanic, and Marksmanship badges may have no more than three clasps attached to them. Combat/Skill badges from Groups 1 and 2 may not be worn on the pocket.

Badges are worn 1/8-inch below the top of the pocket, horizontally centered, and equally spaced (at least 1” spacing between badges if wearing two). When wearing one Special Skill badge and two Marksmanship Badges without attaching devices, however, the Special Skills badge may be centered horizontally 1/8-inch below the top of the pocket. The Marksmanship badges are then centered between the button and left or right side of the pocket, with the bottom of the badges adjacent to the bottom of the pocket flap.
Optional wear of 3 badges (1 Special Skill, 2 Marksmanship)

Special Skill/Marksmanship Tab Metal Replicas: Up to three of these (Ranger, Sapper, Special Forces, and President's Hundred ) may be worn on the left breast pocket in addition to the three Special Skill/Marksmanship badges, and they do not count toward the maximum of six badges. Tab replicas are worn 1/8-inch below the top of the pocket equally spaced horizontally with other badges and tabs. If there are more than three combined Special Skill/Marksmanship badges and metal tab replicas, the badge(s) are worn in precedence 1/4-inch below the lowest portion of the tab replica. (Note: Tab replicas may be worn above full-sized medals.)

Wearing Special Skill tab metal replicas with other badges

Identification Badges: One or two Identification badges may be worn on the left breast pocket, centered horizontally and between the bottom of the pocket flap and the bottom of the pocket. The badge with higher precedence is worn to the wearer’s right when two badges are worn. ID badges mandated for wear on this pocket in order of precedence are Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army Recruiter and Army Reserve Recruiter, Instructor, Retired Service (both old and new versions are authorized), Unified Combatant Commander (e.g, USNORTHCOM, USCYBERCOM, etc.), Military Police, and DOD/Joint Agency ID badges. (Note: Badges normally mandated for wear on the right breast pocket may be moved to this pocket if they ar lower in precedence than the Combat Service ID badge.)

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