Birthday Suits: Why 2017 is the Perfect Year to Buy That Dress Uniform

Here at The Salute Uniforms, we don’t have inside info regarding what 2017 will hold for either the nation as a whole or for the members of our nation’s Armed Forces in particular. But we do have a bit of advice that can help save hundreds of thousands of Servicemembers considerable stress and worry over the coming months: Don’t make this another year where you put off buying a new or replacement dress uniform—chances are you’ll be needing them more often and a lot sooner than you might think!

In addition to all the usual occasions—inspections, facility dedications, changes of command, awards ceremonies, and so on—that call for the wear of dress uniforms, this year’s events calendar is almost certain to be filled with far more formal affairs than you typically see. That’s because 2017 marks the major anniversaries of many significant events in the history of our nation’s military and its development, and you can rest assured there will be ceremonies galore, both large and small, celebrating these historic milestones.

Here’s a glance at some of the more significant “birthdays” that the U.S. Military will be celebrating this year. If you see your Branch, Service, or Corps listed, expect to see anniversary events slated not only for the actual anniversary date, but likely throughout the year.

Original Purple Heart establishedAugust 7, 1782235th
Ordnance Corps establishedMay 14, 1812205th
U.S. Entry in to World War IApril 6, 1817100th
Army Medical Services Corps establishedMay 8, 1917100th
Purple Heart re-establishedFebruary 22, 193285th
Transportation Corps establishedJuly 31, 194275th
Women's Army Medical Specialist Corps
(redesignated Army Medical Specialist Corps, 1955)
April 16, 194770th
United States Air Force establishedSeptember 18, 194770th
Intelligence & Security (I&S) Branch establishedJuly 1, 196255th
I&S redesignated Military Intelligence BranchJuly 1, 196750th
Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps establishedDecember 8, 196750th
Special Forces establishedApril 9, 198730th

Congratulations to all our Servicemembers serving in branches, services, or Corps celebrating anniversaries this year, and of course we offer a hearty "Thank You!" to all who serve our nation with selfless devotion!

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