Male ASU Shoulder Ornmentation and Insignia

Male ASU Shoulder Ornamentation and Insignia
The types of shoulder ornamentation and insignia found on the Army Service Uniform coat depends upon whether the wearer is an Officer or is Enlisted. The primary difference is that Enlisted uniforms come with shoulder loops in place, while Officer uniforms require shoulder straps to be attached. Learn more.

Male ASU Shoulder Ornamentation and Insignia
All Enlisted Soldiers wear their unit's Distinctive Unit Insignia or Regimental Distinctive Insignia (commonly called "unit crests") on the shoulder loops of their Army Service Uniform coat. The only exceptions are the Sergeant Major of the Army and the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chief, one-of-a-kind positions with unique insignias. These insignia are worn centered on the loops, equidistant from the outside shoulder seam and the outside edge of the button, with the base oriented toward the shoulder seam.

Items worn by Enlisted Soldiers under the right shoulder loop include the blue Infantry shoulder cord (Infantry personnel only) and the Marksmanship shoulder cord (personnel assigned to the U.S. Army Marksmanship unit and its subordinate training units or the ARNG Marksmanship training unit). The World War I and World War II French fourragères, the Belgian fourragère, and the Netherlands lanyard are worn under the left shoulder loop.

Officers (including Warrant and Chief Warrant Officers) wear shoulder straps on the ASU coat, with female Officers wearing straps slightly shorter than those worn by males. General Officers wear straps with a blue-black background, while all other Officers' straps have a background based upon their branch colors. Straps are attached to the shoulders of the ASU with shoulder-strap clips, also called skirt eyes. Also, Officers authorized to wear an aiguillette attach a 20-ligne button on the outside shoulder seam of whichever shoulder the aiguillete is worn; Officers authorized to wear a fourragere attach a 20-ligne button to the left shoulder seam, a half-inch outside the collar edge.

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