Male ASU Coat Collar and Lapel Devices

Male ASU Collar and Lapel Devices
The collars and lapels of the Army Service Uniform are reserved for three types of items: The U.S. insignia, a branch insignia, and lapel buttons. Their design and placement depends upon whether the wearer is an Officer or Enlisted Soldier. Learn more.

Male ASU Collar and Lapel Devices

Enlisted Soldiers wear the U.S. insignia on the right collar, their branch insignia on the left collar. The U.S. insignia is centered on the left collar with the bottom of the disk about one inch above the lapel notch, with the centerline of the insignia parallel to the inside edge of the lapel; the branch insignia is positioned on the right collar in the same way. Soldiers serving in the Infantry branch wear special Infantry collar devices, with blue plastic disks behind both the U.S. insignia and the crossed-muskets Infantry branch insignia. The gold star and next of kin lapel buttons share the same wear uidance—centered horizontally and vertically and placed side by side with at least 1/4-inch spacing if both are authorized —for Enlisted Soldiers,

Both the Sergeant Major of the Army and the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) wear distinct insignias designed for their position rather than insignia of branch on their left collars, while Command Sergeant Majors serving as Senior Enlisted Advisors wear Nominative Senior Enlisted Leader devices instead of branch insignia. Members of the Officer Candidate School wear the OCS insignia on both collars, while those attending Warrant Officer Candidate School wear the WOC insignia.

Commissioned and Warrant Officers, on the other hand, wear the U.S. insignia on both collars and their branch insignia on both lapels. The U.S. insignias are oriented in the same manner as on the Enlisted but are just 5/8 of an inch from the lapel notch; the branch insignia is placed 1.25" below the U.S. insignia and oriented so that its centerline bisects the centerline of the U.S. insignia. Officers wear the gold star and next of kin lapel buttons centered on the left lapel 1/4-inch below the branch insignia and, like Enlisted Soldiers, when the two side by side if both are authorized.

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